GD350-B4A Electrosurgery generator

Item No.: 00006
The GD350-B4A is a compact and easy-to-use electrosurgical generator. It’s versatile enough to handle a wide variety of office-based procedures with modes including monopolar cut,blend cut,coagulation and bipolar coagulation.


Six modes

 - Pure Cut, Blend 1, Blend 2, Blend3

 - Monopolar coagulation, Bipolar coagualtion

Easy to use

 - CF type, Class I 


 - Automatic recognition of patient-plate by single cable

 - PPM system for patient-plate contact that takes into account skin type and includes bargraph display(LED bar) to show contact level

 - Power regulation system: automatic power regulation depends on needs

 - Monopolar Three outputs: two hand switch and one foot switch

 - Unexpected power-off protection system and short-circuit protection

 - CPU system, APFC Circuit, Power memory

 - Overload: generator overload protection

 - Autotest: self-test of generator after switching the power on 


Clinical applications

Breast Surgery Maxillo-Facial Surgery Neurosurgery Laparoscopic Surgery
Ophthalmic Surgery Urology Surgery cosmetic surgery Endoscopy
Cardiothoracic Surgery Hepatobiliary Surgery Orthopaedics and Trauma Plastic & reconstructive Surgery
Gynecology ENT Oncology Day surgery


Technical data

mode pure cut blend 1 blend 2 blend 3 monopolar coag bipolar coag
operation frequency 512KHz 512KHz 512KHz 512KHz 512KHz 512KHz
output power 350W 250W 200W 120W 120W 80W
rated load 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 200Ω 200Ω 100Ω

Power source: 220V±20%, 50Hz

Standard accessories

Hand switch pencil Foot switch pencil Bipolar forceps Neutral pad Single foot switch
Double foot switch Insulation container Power cable User manual  Two fuses

Hand switch pencil,foot switch pencil, bipolar forceps and insulation container are high temperature sterilizable (up to 134℃)