Gyn LEEP System

GD350-E LEEP Surgery System

Item No.: GD350-E LEEP
Equiped with the precision and powerful smoking evacuator, GD350-E offers a art-of-the-state gynaecology LEEP surgery system. Low level of smoke and Ultra high frequency  improves the environment and performance.


◆ 4MHz radio frequency--reduces collateral damage

◆ 150 Watts maximum output power

◆ 7 operating modes: pure cut, blend 1, blend 2, force coag, Spray coag and Bipolar coag

◆ Finger and foot switch operation

◆ Integrated power--off timer

◆ High level of patient safety

◆ Insulation Neutral electrode--no need to contact with skin direct and avoid the risk of electric burn

◆ Bipolar Frequency: 2.048MHz, Monopolar Frequency: 4.096MHz

◆ Power regulation system: automatic power regulation depends on needs

◆ Unexpected power-off protection system and short-circuit protection

◆ CPU system, APFC Circuit, Power memory

◆ Overload: generator overload protection

◆ Could be equiped with smoke evacuation trolley to LEEP system

◆ Autotest: self-test of generator after switching the power on 


Technical data

mode pure cut blend 1 blend 2 soft coag point coag spray coag bipolar coag
 frequency 4096KHz 4096KHz 4096KHz 4096MHz 4096KHz 4096KHz 2048KHz
output power 150W 120W 100W 90W 80W 60W 120W
rated load 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 200Ω 500Ω 1000Ω 100Ω


Clinical applications

E.N.T Plastic surgery Proctology Dermatology
Gynaecology Cosmetic General surgery ophthalmology


Standard accessories

Autoclavable hand

switch pencil

Autoclavable foot

switch pencil

coagualtion forceps Neutral electrode Double foot switch
Conizations Insulation container power cable user manual warranty card

Hand switch pencil, bipolar forceps and insulation container are high temperature sterilizable (up to 134℃)