Argon Plasma Generator

YD2000 Argon Plasma Surgery Generator

Item No.: 00010
YD2000 Argon Plasma Surgery System leading edge technology in the form of Vessel Sealing and Argon Coagulation.  High performance, precision and versatility taks YD2000 to a new level of modern eletrosurgical surgery.


 Four modes

 - Blend 1, Blend 2, Standard Coagulation, Spray Coagulation

 Easy to use

 - CF type, Class I 

 - NEM: Neutral Electrode Monitoring for contacting quality

 - Power regulation system: automatic power regulation depends on needs

 - Unexpected power-off protection system and short-circuit protection

 - CPU system, APFC Circuit, Power memory

 - Overload: generator overload protection

 - Autotest: self-test of generator after switching the power on 

 - Wide area of coagulation reduced procedure time

 - Low leverl of smoke improves visibility in the operating area

 - Minimal risk of perforation with penetration depth limited to 3mm

 - No contact between the applicator and the tissue means no adhesion


Clinical applications

Breast Surgery Gynecology Urology Surgery Cardiothoracic Surgery
Hepatobiliary Surgery Tumor surgery Orthopaedics and Trauma Vaporization surgery
Pulmonology Otolaryngolory Bronchoscopy Gastroenterology


Technical data


mode blend 1 blend 2 Coagulation 1 Spray Coag
Operation frequency 512KHz 512KHz 512KHz 512KHz
Output power 350W 200W 120W 100W
rated load 500Ω 500Ω 500Ω 1000Ω
Argon gas flow 0-10L/min, Resolution: 1L/min

Power source: 220V±20%, 50Hz


Standard accessories



Hand switch Argon pencil Foot switch Argon pencil Normal hand switch pencil Normal foot switch pencil
Insulation container Double foot switch User manual Power cable
Warranty card      

Insulation container are high temperature sterilizable (up to 134℃)